Our Design Committee is tasked with enhancing the district's physical appearance through building rehabilitation, compatible new construction, public improvements, and design management systems. Good design is essential to all aspects of Central Business. The Main Street design philosophy is rooted in an historic preservation approach and seeks to use and enhance those elements of quality design that remain in our communities.

Neglect and misguided improvements may have taken a toll on the appearance of downtown, affecting its perceived economic potential. Renovated facades and creative merchandising displays, appropriate landscaping and public improvements are all part of downtown's long-lasting visual appeal and a well-functioning physical environment.

Historic Preservation & Heritage Tourism

As a historic property owner, you are invested in Lake City’s past, present and future. Our National Register Historic District offers visitors from all over the world the opportunity to experience and understand our part of the nation’s history. It is our privilege to make sure the authentic, true story is told by preserving the unique historic structures in the Historic District. The following resources explain how Lake City supports historic preservation through the use of design guidelines and how the stewardship of your historic property benefits you, your neighbors in Lake City and the history of our nation.


Additional Resources for Historic Home Owners:

Improve Energy Efficiency in Historic Structures

January 2016 - Historic Preservation Commission Training sponsored by the Town of Lake City, DIRT, and the Hinsdale County Historical Society, DOLA's Colorado Main Street Program, and History Colorado.