LakeCityParkingReportThe intent of the Lake City Parking Assessment is to evaluate existing conditions and parking demand, identify issues with parking and future parking needs, and make recommendations to affect change in the parking areas throughout the study area. In this study, Lake City (Town) sought to identify solutions to existing parking challenges—such as the lack of way nding and parking inef ciencies creating parking shortages near the Downtown Core. One of the Key Findings of this study was that although there is an abundance of parking availability, the lack of way nding to this parking and delineating parking to increase effectiveness has created many parking issues around the Town. Increasing parking effectiveness in the Downtown Core and providing additional temporary parking lots during events will solve many of the parking shortage and safety issues currently faced by Lake City residents and visitors. The analysis completed and recommendations determined from site visits, interviews, and parking studies of Lake City are compiled in this report along with accompanying diagrams and maps.