Lake City Downtown Improvement & Revitalization Team, Inc. (Lake City DIRT)


The community of Lake City will remain an authentic historic district, developed on a pedestrian scale, environmentally and economically sound; and will sustain itself by serving residents of and visitors to the community. Lake City will be filled with locally owned businesses. It will offer superb service, creative and unique merchandise, and Lake City’s rare sense of community.


Using the “Four Point Main Street Approach,” work to strengthen, revitalize, and broaden the economic base of Historic Lake City while recognizing and promoting the historic, cultural, social, and economic significance and the spectacular resources of the San Juan Mountains.

Guiding Principles:

  • Collaborate with mission-aligned organizations to achieve common goals.
  • Increase cooperative and collaborative marketing.
  • Increase partnership and community input in all DIRT endeavors.
  • Communicate planned actions and results with the public, other organizations, and local government.
  • Appeal to all ages using a variety of methods of communication.
  • Value diverse opinions.
  • Maintain transparency.

Project Based Structure

Lake City DIRT follows the Main Street 4-point approach. The Main Street methodology addresses the following four areas of concern and combines activities in these areas to develop a community's individual strategy for strengthening and redeveloping its central business district. The four points are:

1. Organization: building consensus and cooperation among public and private groups and individuals, and identifying sources of funding for revitalization activities.

2. Promotion: marketing the commercial district through events and advertising to attract customers, potential investors, new businesses, residents, and visitors.

3. Design: enhancing the district's physical appearance through building rehabilitation, compatible new construction, public improvements, and design management systems.

4. Economic Restructuring: strengthening district's economic base and creating new opportunities through careful analysis and appropriate mixed-use development.

Work Plans

A crucial element in planning the direction of the Main Street program is development of annual work plans that provide project structure, timelines, and accountability and serves as a tool to recruit volunteers and publicize the program. Work plans are simply "to-do" lists that will guide the actions of Lake City DIRT.  Each committee has outlined projects it will undertake (including multiyear projects).  These plans help ensure - in quantifiable terms - this revitalization program's successes.


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