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2012 990EZ Exempt from Income Tax Return

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Resolutions 2005:  Amendment Articles of Resolutions

Resolutions 2006:  Conflict of Interest, Revised Articles

Resolutions 2007:  Number of Directors

Resolutions 2008:  USDA RBOG grant

Resolutions 2009:  Contingency Fund, Budget Policy, Procurement Policy, Preserve America grant, Continuation of Music Festival, Small Steps Grant, Voting Policy

Resolutions 2010:  Music Festival Image use agreement, NCA Economic Development Study

Resolutions 2011 - no resolutions in 2011

Resolutions 2012:  Volunteer Policy, Overhead Cost Allocation

Resolutions 2013:  Amendment to Bylaws

                           Gratitude on tenure of Roger Aymami





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Area History

The purpose of this page is to help you learn interesting facts and tidbits about the history of Hinsdale County and Lake City.  This information is part of an on-going effort to record and share the history of the area on behalf of the Hinsdale County Museum, Hinsdale County Historic Society and Lake City DIRT with funding from the Preserve America Grant. If you would like to help by transcribing recordings, interviewing or writing stories for the project please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We are also collecting personal stories and photography as part of the Lake City Memoirs project, to learn more click here


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DIRT Events


Community-Wide Volunteer Celebration co-hosted with the Hinsdale County Lake City Chamber of Commerce - held annually in April to coincide with National Volunteer Awareness week. 

August is Lake City History Month Celebration - annually for the whole month of August. Enjoy this monthlong celebration of the founding of Lake City by Enos Hotchkiss in 1874 when the first cabin was built. Featuring historic-oriented events including history lectures, historic tours, mines tours, museum exhibits, the Stickhorse Show, and more!  Calendars available at the Visitor's Center

Lake City Uncorked Wine and Music Festival - the third weekend in September.  Featuring eclectic bands, more than 100 wines for tasting, a beer booth, and unique food/artisan vendors - this event takes place under the changing leaves of Historic Lake City.  More info

Lake City’s Old Fashioned Holiday Event - every year, celebrate an old-fashioned holiday from the week of Thanksgiving to Christmas. Experience unique shopping experiences in our historic downtown, special events and more.  Calendars available at the Visitor's Center




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