Ute Ulay Project

Ute Ulay Project


As the first patented mining claim in Hinsdale County - and with an estimated $12 million mined between 1874 and 1903 - the Ute-Ulay mining complex spurred regional development and powered Lake City's economy for decades.  Located three and a half miles from Lake City, this 12-acre site surrounding the Ute-Ulay is formerly known as the town of Henson.

This site demonstrates various eras of mining technology - from 1874 up to the 1980s.  Structures that remain today include residential cabins, an assayer's office, the mill, a blacksmith shop, a boarding house, a red-cedar water tank, the main headframe, and several additional historically significant structures.

Thanks to a unique partnership of local government, a private mining company, nonprofit organizations, and state and federal agencies, this area is being reclaimed as a heritage torism destination to showcase mining history and offer outdoor recreational opportunities. 

Community Picnic at 5 p.m. on June 8th, 2016

Congratulations to the Ute Ulay Project in 2016 for funds for projects including the Division of Minerals, Reclamation & Safety (DRMS) for emergency stabilization of buildings and a five-day HistoriCorps project; a USDA Rural Development grant for business planning; an Endangered Places Program grant for a two-day HistoriCorps project; and a Bureau of Land Management grant for a National Historic Register nomination application. 

The Ute Ulay is Identified as a 2015 Colorado's Most Endangered Sites!

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