Official documents

Articles of Incorporation


Certificate of Registration

501(c)3 certificate

2012 990EZ Exempt from Income Tax Return

2014 990EZ

2016 990EZ

Resolutions 2005:  Amendment Articles of Resolutions

Resolutions 2006:  Conflict of Interest, Revised Articles

Resolutions 2007:  Number of Directors

Resolutions 2008:  USDA RBOG grant

Resolutions 2009:  Contingency Fund, Budget Policy, Procurement Policy, Preserve America grant, Continuation of Music Festival, Small Steps Grant, Voting Policy

Resolutions 2010:  Music Festival Image use agreement, NCA Economic Development Study

Resolutions 2011 - no resolutions in 2011

Resolutions 2012:  Volunteer Policy, Overhead Cost Allocation

Resolutions 2013:  Amendment to Bylaws

                           Gratitude on tenure of Roger Aymami






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